e are located in the historic city of Antioch, the Mosaic capital, situated in southern Turkey.

HAAS ANTIOCH ARTSTONE works in collaboration with HAAS INŞ. MALZITH.IHR.SAN.VE TIC LTD ŞTI, to acquire the best raw materials from around the world. This collaboration allows us to excel in our craft, due to the diligence and experience of our talented artists. Our products are proudly made by hand and created completely from natural stone which is quarried globally. Our company’s success continues to grow as we satisfy the needs of our customers both domestically and internationally. In short order, we have excelled to become the foremost artisans in this industry.


Setting the standard in this field of artwork, our vision is to strengthen our trademark by not only meeting international standards but also raising customer expectation so that we work together for our common goal of excellence.


Our aim at HAAS ANTIOCH ARTSTONE, is to innovate the standard by which this craft is measured. We will accomplish this by holding to our principles of quality and excellence. Our determination to implement the highest standards will reveal that we are at the forefront and lead this industry to greater levels of achievement.


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